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Entertainment™ Memberships are a unique marketing tool used by over 13,000 restaurants, attractions, shopping, travel and other popular businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand to help introduce word-of-mouth advertising. Memberships feature a select number of businesses in each major city. These businesses are selected based on awards, reviews and personal recommendations.

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“Entertainment™ Memberships help my business grow. The amount or people I’ve met through using Entertainment™ Memberships is amazing!”
Julie – Entreprenuer & Foodie
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The Entertainment™ Membership is your guide to the most popular restaurants, attractions, shopping, travel and more

Entertainment™ Membership Members

Darren Fergus via Facebook

“Massive Saving of $1,440.00. Have used the book for years but I’m sure I have saved more since I started using the App!”

Melanie Clark via Facebook

“Used it for discount accommodation at Q1 Gold Coast and saved $300 off best other rate I could find; plus discount seaworld tickets. I absolutely love the digital edition of the book. So handy!”

Kevin Yew

“I personally love the Digital Membership very much. It gives me the opportunity to use the membership whenever and wherever because I usually always have my mobile phone with me.”

Entertainment™ Membership Merchants

Teage Ezard

“ My flagship restaurant ezard first featured in the 2009 Edition of the Entertainment™ Book. My initial decision to join the program was driven by a desire to expand upon our traditional customer base. During those first two years we did indeed welcome a wide range of guests with Entertainment™ Cards to the restaurant. However we were unsure if we were seeing a marked improvement of guest numbers, and I had concerns that the guests brought to the restaurant by the Entertainment™ Book were deal-driven and not necessarily likely to become repeat clients.

We decided to test these concerns in 2011 by declining inclusion in the Book. Since re-joining in 2012 we have enjoyed an increase in reservations, putting paid to the theory that these guests were of less potential value than our established customer base. This and the excellent support and partnership of our Business Development Manager, means I have no hesitation in recommending the Entertainment™ Book to other restaurateurs. ”

Executive Chef and Director
ezard, Melbourne

Giovanni Pilu & Marilyn Annecchini

“This will be our eighth year of participation in the Entertainment™ Book. Recently we worked with the staff at Entertainment™ on engineering the layout of our pages in the Book. Changing the type of offer, as well as including a new menu and photograph, has dramatically changed the results we are seeing from the program. Entertainment™ Members are now ordering more dishes from our menu, and the expectation of the venue is more in line with the type of restaurant we are. The quality of customer being introduced, along with the average spend per customer, is now much higher. We are very satisfied with the results so far and look forward to seeing this continue.”

Pilu at Freshwater, Freshwater, Sydney

Alessandro Pavoni

“This year we won the Gold Award, placing us in the Entertainment™ Hall of Fame, which has cemented our belief that the Entertainment™ Program works for us. We take the time to look after our customers, and always try to exceed their expectations. If we give them the best experience possible once they’ve been introduced, then we know they will come back and tell other people about their experience. Initially, we must say, our staff was quite sceptical and negative. However the majority of the Entertainment™ Program members have changed their opinions. We find them to be foodies – they are appreciative of fine food and service and are quite adventurous – they will try new things! ”

Ormeggio at the Spit

BPS delivers benefits to both merchants and consumers, creating powerful two-sided network effects. Entertainment™ adds another dimension

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