About BPS

The story of BPS Technology

BPS Technology Limited was established early in 2014 with the purpose to help businesses be more successful by attracting additional customers to them. This would require increasing our capability to deliver improved personalisation to the customer and investing in modern payments, trading, rewards and loyalty platforms optimised with data-driven insights and increased analytics capability. To achieve this outcome BPS acquired Bartercard and bucqi in mid 2014, listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in September 2014, acquired the Entertainment Publications in 2016 and appointed leading technology talent. Bartercard has been established since 1991 and Entertainment since 1994, whilst bucqi is a new trading and payment platform to be leveraged from the existing 36,000 merchants, 18,000 Not for Profit groups and 600,000 consumers.

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BPS Technology Limited’s Vision, Mission and Values:

To be the most successful rewards, deals and incentives platform on earth

Deliver value in every transaction

Best people
People first
Successful people

BPS Technology currently houses the intellectual

property associated with the following brands:

Entertainment Publications was established 22 years ago and is Australia and New Zealand’s leading entertainment deals platform partnering with 18,000 Not for Profit organizations who provide 600,000 customers with special offers to restaurants, attractions, shopping, travel and other activities from more than 13,000 merchants.
Bartercard operates the world’s largest business to business retail trading platform that processes 1.8 million transactions between 24,000 merchants trading $600 million per annum across 70 offices in 8 countries.
Bucqi is a mobile rewards and payments platform where consumers can earn rewards wherever they spend. These rewards are named “bucqs” and can be redeemed at any participating merchant.

Want to grow with us?

BPS Technology is a fast growing group of companies that strategically combine their payments, trading, deals and rewards platforms through 91 offices in 8 countries to attract more customers to merchants.